Bookwyrm reviews dragon books for Dragon's Eye View

Dragon’s Eye View just hatched from the egg!

Bookwyrm, our little green dragon mascot, is ready to grow a dragon-size hoard of resources for you to share with the little dragon-lovers in your life.

And where is the very best place to find dragons? In books, of course!

Bookwyrm will be posting regular book reviews here on the blog. These will help you find awesome new dragon books to read together.

Many of the books will have downloadable go-alongs: discussion questions, drawing tips, activities, and even writing prompts for those beyond the hatchling stage.

So, join us today, because everything is better with dragons!

~The DEV Crew

Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like Review
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Chloe @ Book Dragons · March 12, 2018 at 8:23 am

I love your little mascot he’s adorable!

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