Meet Bookwyrm, a little book-loving dragon who wants to create the world’s greatest hoard of dragon books — just for you!

Bookwyrm's very first book review: Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like,

And for himself, maybe mostly for himself…but books are meant to be shared.  Especially dragon books!

The very first book in his hoard is Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like!

How would you describe a dragon?

If you said adorable, then you would be describing Bookwyrm!

If you said, proud lord of the sky or sight like the sound of a trumpet, or wisest of all creatures, then you would not be describing Bookwyrm but rather a creature far more beautiful and more frightening. You probably read this book already and know how wonderful it is…

But if you haven’t read Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like then this enchanting story is not to be missed. It will delight you and your little dragon-lovers with rich language and beautiful Mercer Mayer pictures.

Bookwyrm's very first book review: Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like,

Some bits Bookwyrm wants you to know:

  1. Set in ancient China, with a traditional Chinese dragon
  2. Best as a read aloud, ages 5+
  3. Hard to find — getting original hardback color version is important! Check your library first!
  4. Teaches politeness and remembering things are not always what they seem

Some questions & ideas to discuss:

Before you read —

  1. What do you think a dragon looks like?
  2. Can dragons change their form? What can they change into?
  3. Should you be polite to a dragon? Why or why not?

After you read —

  1. Meeting the dragon changed Han’s fortune — do you think it changed his character? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think Han will meet the dragon again? Why or why not?
  3. If you met a Great Cloud Dragon would you recognize him? How would you treat him?
  4. If this story happened today and you were Han, what could you offer him to eat and drink?
  5. What other books have you read with similar illustrations?
  6. What other stories have you heard where someone was not what they seemed to be at first?

Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like is a classic treasure for your hoard of dragon books!  What are your classic treasures? Leave a comment and let Bookwyrm know what to read next!

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