Bookwyrm's Review of The Library Dragon for SO clever!

Bookwyrm has another book in his hoardThe Library Dragon is super special and super fun! Why does Bookwyrm love it so?

It’s clever. Bookwyrm adores clever!

It’s got fiery dragon-humor bits everywhere, from the Caliente Jellypeño Beans to the Mount Vesuvius Heartburn Medication. Bookwyrm appreciates dragon-humor!

It’s set in a library.  Bookwyrm loves the library!

Some bits Bookwyrm wants you to know:

  1. Modern setting, elementary school
  2. A fun read aloud, ages 4+
  3. Easy to find on Amazon — republished 2012
  4. The author Carmen Agra Deedy has lots of other books, too!
  5. So does the illustrator Michael P. White!
Some questions & ideas to discuss:

Questions before you read —

  1. From the cover, what do you think this book is about?
  2. Who looks after the books in the library?

After you read —

  1. When we call a person “a dragon” what does it usually mean?
  2. What was Miss Scales worried the children would do to the books?
  3. Why are books special?
  4. What caused Miss Scales to change her mind about children in the library with the books?
  5. Can you think of any library manners to add to the list?
  6. Do you know the names of any of the librarians at your local library? How could you find out?
  7. What book do you think every library should have a copy of?

The Library Dragon is a modern gem for every dragon’s book hoard! What are your modern gems? Leave a comment and let Bookwyrm know what to read next!

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