Bookwyrm reviews The Popcorn Dragon for
Bookwyrm just finished reviewing The Popcorn Dragon! This is another classic treasure, originally written in 1953!

Some bits Bookwyrm wants you to know:

  1. By Jane Thayer, Illustrated by Lisa McGue: 1953, 1989, Morrow Junior Books
  2. An adorable dragon learns not to show off and finds a better way to make friends
  3. Anthropomorphic creatures, traditional Western-looking dragon (Bookwyrm loves Mother Dragon’s eyes)
  4. Best as a read aloud, ages 5+
Some questions & ideas to discuss:

Questions before you read —

  1. Where do you think this book is set?
  2. How is popcorn made?
  3. What do dragons like to eat?

After you read —

  1. What does Dexter look like? How is he different from the other animals in the story?
  2. Twice the elephant puts down Dexter’s ability to blow smoke. Why does he do this?
  3. Is Dexter bribing the other animals to be his friends? How are bribing and sharing different?

Bookwyrm gives The Popcorn Dragon 4 stars for being another classic treasure and having a good moral: even dragons shouldn’t show off!

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Carol · March 15, 2018 at 11:55 am

I love how you include questions to ask before and after reading the book.

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