Dragon's Extraordinary Egg Bookreview by Bookwyrm!Spring is here!  It’s time for eggs!  Easter eggs and dragon eggs and a surprise egg!  Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg is the newest modern gem in Bookwyrm’s hoard of dragon books for you!

Some bits Bookwyrm wants you to know: 

  1. By Debi Gliori, published in 2013, Bloomsbury Children’s Books
  2. A delightful twist on the traditional “find a dragon egg” story
  3. Anthropomorphic creatures — dragons and penguins
  4. Best as a read aloud, ages 4+ (complex story line and depth that older children & adults will enjoy as well!)
Some questions & ideas to discuss:

Questions before you read —

  1. What do you think this story is about?
  2. Where do dragons live?

During & after you read —

  1. Notice the cover of the book — what other books do this?
  2. Notice the use of different fonts
  3. Discuss the line “sometimes things happen for a reason” and how it applies to our lives
  4. What was Little One given?  Are those things everybody needs?
  5. If you found an egg, what could hatch out of it?
  6. Discuss the back cover’s “Families hatch in all kinds of ways” and how your family “hatched”

Bookwyrm gives Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg 5 stars for being a well-crafted tale with wonderful messages for every parent & child.


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Carol · March 25, 2018 at 7:36 pm

Thanks for the review. I am enjoying learning a little more about these books. It is good information to have when I need to choose books as gifts!

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