Value Shading Worksheet Free PDF Printable The easiest way to create a realistic looking dragon egg or any egg, is to add value.  Value is lighter and darker areas to show where the light is coming from. It’s what makes an egg or an apple or a dragon have shape.

If you read Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg and are ready to try drawing some eggs (it is springtime and Easter!) download this free Value Scale & Dragon Eggs printable:

Value Scale & Dragon Eggs

If you need more ideas on teaching value, check out some of these resources:

The Kitchen Table Classroom’s The Element of Value in Art an Intro and free printable

Donna Young’s Value Scale Printable Files

If your little dragon lovers create some awesome eggs from these printables, be sure to share a picture for our gallery!

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Dragon's Extraordinary Egg
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Carol · March 27, 2018 at 9:09 pm

These worksheets are a great idea for beginning artists.

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