A to Z Blogging Challeng3 2018: Cursive with DragonsDragon’s Eye View has taken on the 2018 Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Starting April 1 and each day thereafter we will publish a blog post on a specific theme. Bookwyrm wanted to do a book review theme…but he’s a little slow with his book reviews.

Also, he got a letter. A real letter in the mail! From his illusive, venerable grand aunt who lives in a cave far, far away…

Bookwyrm got a letter in the mail!But when he opened it…alas! It was in cursive, and he couldn’t read it!

Learn cursive with Bookwyrm!What’s a little dragon to do? Who can he ask for help?!

Ah, another illusive, antiquated relative — a true wyrm (Bookwyrm is actually a dragon, not a wyrm):

Learn to read and write with Cursive WyrmAnd so, our 2018 A to Z Challenge theme is Cursive Lower Case abc Copywork with Dragons!

Why cursive in the digital age? Besides reading old-fashioned, handwritten letters from the relatives, that is?

Your handwriting is a gift. A gift you can share — every day. And being able to read cursive is important too!

On April 1 we’ll have the letter a copywork ready for download. Each day (except future Sundays) thereafter we’ll have another cursive letter available until we get the letter z. And it will be all related to dragons. Because everything is better with dragons!

Bookwyrm will still be writing reviews, and we will still be creating activities and art projects related to dragons too. Join us every day in April and learn to read & write cursive with Bookwyrm!

Learn to read and write cursive with Dragons! A is for Amphitere

Practice your lower case cursive b with these dragon words!

Free cursive printable for the letter C, with dragons!!

D is for Dragon - free printable cursive practice sheets

Dragon Cursive - Free Printable practice sheets

Cursive with Dragons! Lowercase cursive f printable

Cursive with Dragons! Practice your cursive handwriting a new letter every day!

Bookwyrms hoard books: free printable coloring page + cursive h practice!

Learn cursive with dragons - letter i free printable

Learn cursive with Cursive Wyrm at Dragon's Eye View - L is for Legend

M is for Magic - dragon magic - and free printable cursive m page

Practice your cursive with dragons! Free printables for each letter of the alphabet.

P is for Purple - learn cursive with dragons!

Go on a quest to learn cursive!

What does every dragon have? Learn about dragons as you practice your cursive!

U is Uncommon: Learn about dragons and practice cursive!

W is for Wisdom - learn cursive with dragon words

X is for Xanthy - Cursive x

Y is for Yore -- learn cursive with dragons!

Z is for Zephyr - free cursive z printable

The entire alphabet is complete!

A is for Amphitere - cursive a - #atozchallenge
Value Shading Worksheet for Dragon Eggs


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