Learn to read and write cursive with Dragons! A is for AmphitereWelcome to Dragon’s Eye View 2018 A to Z Challenge! Bookwyrm, a book-loving dragon, received a letter from his Grand Aunt Amphitere — but he couldn’t read her cursive handwriting!  Every day in April you can download a new dragon-themed cursive practice sheet for the little dragon-lovers in your life — scroll to the bottom for the link.

An Amphitere is a type of dragon with two wings and no legs found in European Heraldry.  The word comes from the Greek “amphi-“ meaning “both sides” or “around” (think amphitheater), and “-tere” meaning “guard”.

Multiple variations on spelling exist including amphiptere, amphithere, and even phipthere.

According to William O’Connor, author of Dracopedia: a guide to drawing the dragons of the world, the Amphitere is a “beautiful and elegant animal with colorful patterning.”  Yes!  That describes Bookwyrm’s Grand Aunt perfectly.

A is for Amphitere Practice lowercase cursive a with bookwyrm #atozchallengeHere she is…well, except the colorful patterning — must be an old photo.

Of course, Auntie Amphitere has beautiful and elegant cursive handwriting — and Bookwyrm has been so busy reading and typing up his book reviews, that he has never bothered to try cursive before…but now he wants to learn!  Cursive Wyrm (not an amphitere, no wings!) is here to help Bookwyrm and you learn to read and write in cursive.

Look at the parts of the cursive worksheets:

Learn to read and write cursive!Download your dragon-themed “cursive a” practice sheet for the little dragon-lovers in your life here.

Going forward, all the cursive sheets will linked individually on the A to Z Challenge page.

See you tomorrow with the cursive letter b!

PS Bookwyrm pronounces his grand aunt’s name “AM-fih-TEER-ee” — How do you pronounce amphitere?

PPS Are you participating in the A to Z Challenge?  Leave a comment so Bookwyrm can learn something new from you every day!


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Christine Hennebury · April 1, 2018 at 5:21 pm

This is really cool! I’m so glad I found your site through the A-Z Challenge.

Christine · April 1, 2018 at 7:30 pm

(I tried to leave a comment before but the wrong email autofilled in the blank and I didn’t notice. If there is wonkiness, that’s why. Sorry!)

This is a fun post and I love the combination of dragons and cursive. Delightful!

Tarkabarka · April 2, 2018 at 6:01 am

This is really cool! Dragons and cursive. 🙂 In Hungary, you only learn cursive, so our debate over whether or not it should be used is nonexistent… because everyone uses it. And yet, my grandma’s cursive is a lot prettier than mine.
Happy A to Z!
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