One of the first things that comes to mind when someone says dragon is FIRE!  Today for the 2018 A to Z Challenge: F is for Fire!  (Just here for today’s cursive printable?  Scroll straight to the bottom to download!)

Fire has been part of dragonlore for, well, for forever!

The Welsh flag has been sporting a red dragon since AD 829, probably based on a 5th century story about Vortigern (details obscure, just like dragons!).

Dragons breath fire: F is for Fire - cursive f printable

15th century illumination from Historia Regum Britanniae: King Vortigern (circa 5th century) watches the fight between the red and white dragons. *Public domain*

Well, maybe not forever — traditionally, Eastern dragons don’t breath fire, the Chinese have been making beautiful dragon works of art for millennia! After all in China, Everyone Knows What Dragon Looks Like!

Check out this beautiful piece made before AD 300 in China:

F is for Fire -- cursive letter f printable -- everything is better with dragons!

A gilded bronze handle in the shape of a dragon’s head, Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD). *GFDL*

What about dragons today?

Bookwyrm certainly isn’t breathing fire on books!  In fact, I’m not entirely certain he even has a mouth…oh wait, yes.

Bookwyrm loves books and cupcakes and learning cursive - free cursive printables

Is Bookwyrm diving into a pile of books? Or a cupcake? Which do you think?

In Tui Sutherland’s fantastic original series Wings of Fire, three of the seven dragon tribes do not breathe fire and three of them do, and one tribe can only breathe fire when warm.  Quick, do you know which tribes fall into each category?

And now, today’s Dragon-themed Cursive f printable is available!

Dragon-themed lowercase Cursive Printables a-z, free PDF downloads!

click >> HERE<< to download your

Cursive Wyrm ABC letter f free printable!

If you missed any of the other letters, click here and scroll to the bottom!

What has got you on fire today?  Share in the comments!

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