Bookwyrms hoard books: free printable coloring page + cursive h practice!Letter H is for Hoard of the A to Z Challenge 2018!  Welcome to Dragon’s Eye View where we’re creating a hoard of resources to share with you. (If you just want the cursive printable, scroll to the bottom.)

Where do dragons keep the gold they gathered on Day 6: G is for Gold?

Dragons keep their treasures, gold included, in their hoard!  What is a dragon’s hoard?  A great heaped collection of treasures — usually gold and other precious metals, gems and jewels, crowns and scepters, swords and shields, anything of lasting value!  Did you print and color Bookwyrm sleeping on his hoard of gold? Download it by clicking HERE or on the picture below:Dragons love gold! Free printable picture of Bookwyrm!Books also have lasting value, and some dragons hoard books.  Also some people…maybe you?  Click HERE or on the picture below to download the printable page of Bookwyrm sleeping on his book hoard! Color it and tag us at @BookwyrmDEV on Twitter!

Print & color a Bookwyrm sleeping on his hoard of books + cursive h printableToday’s Cursive letter h printable features the word hoard along with hunt, hide, hazy, and hatchling.

Dragon-themed lowercase Cursive Printables a-z, free PDF downloads!

Click >> HERE << to download your

Cursive Wyrm ABC letter h free printable!

If you missed any of the other letters, click here and scroll down.



I is for Imagine - cursive i - #atozchallenge
Bookwyrm & Botanical Line Drawing


Annette · April 9, 2018 at 8:58 am

Oh I like that.

Vidya Sury · April 9, 2018 at 11:26 am

Short, sweet, and interesting! That’s a cute coloring page!
Thank you for visiting my blog! And happy AtoZ-ing!

Tarkabarka · April 10, 2018 at 3:38 am

I want a book hoard…. who am I kidding, I HAVE a book hoard…

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