M is for Magic - dragon magic - and free printable cursive m pageM is for Magic — and Dragon’s Eye View is halfway through the 2018 A to Z Challenge.  (Scroll to the bottom if just want the free cursive printable!)

What is magic?  Something extraordinary, something without explanation, something mysteriously amazing…sounds like dragons to us!

Can anyone learn magic? Maybe — with the help of a willing dragon and with lots and lots and lots of practice!

Can anyone learn cursive? Absolutely! Cursive Wyrm shows how to form each lower case letter with just a little twist of his magical dragon tail.  It will also take a little daily practice.

Learn to read and write with Cursive WyrmDownload the free Cursive Wyrm ABC letter m printable and get your little dragon-lovers started practicing with the words moon, mine, myth, magic, and mysterious!

Click >> Cursive Wyrm ABC letter m << to download now!

Missed any letters? Find each letter >> HERE <<!

The Sunflower Sword - read, discus, do!
L is for Legends - cursive l - #atozchallenge

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Leslie S Moon · April 14, 2018 at 9:51 pm

I recently read that children weren’t required to write cursive anymore. They need the wyrm to teach them!!!’

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