P is for Purple - learn cursive with dragons!Welcome to Dragon’s Eye View & the 2018 A to Z Challenge — today we’ve got P is for Purple!

Purple.  The color of royalty, of power, of magic — of dragons!

And maybe just the color your little dragon-lover needs for writing in cursive. Let them try and see what magic happens.

Hey, what happened to Bookwyrm?!
Learn cursive with dragons and the color purple!

Oh, it is just Bookwyrm’s dragon friend Dev, here for a little purple magic!

Dragon-themed lowercase Cursive Printables a-z, free PDF downloads!Your five dragon-themed words for the letter p: proud, purple, power, precious, and parchment!

Click >> HERE << to download your free Cursive Wyrm ABC letter p printable and let the magic begin.

Go purple! Go cursive!

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Tarkabarka · April 19, 2018 at 2:13 am

I do want to see more purple dragons! 🙂

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