Bookwyrm has a new dragon book in his review hoardLook Out! It’s a Dragon! by Jonny Lambert.

“Read. Discuss. Do!” is social media campaign to encourage celebrating books beyond the initial reading. Check out Laura Sassi’s article READ. DISCUSS. DO! New Social Media Campaign Celebrates READING and BEYOND! and Rebecca J Gomez’s Storytime Isn’t Just for Libraries or Classrooms to read about the #readdiscussdo initiative! 

READ Look Out! It’s a Dragon!

Some bits Bookwyrm wants you to know:

  1. Look Out! It’s a Dragon! is a brand new shiny published in 2018.
  2. Beautiful painted/cut out illustrations (reminiscent of Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar)
  3. Fun sizing and movement of text for emphasis
  4. Enjoyable both as a read-aloud or a read to self
DISCUSS Look Out! It’s a Dragon!

Some questions & ideas to discuss:

  1. Do you think it was easy for Sapphire to leave the cold mountains?
  2. Why doesn’t Mouse want Sapphire to stay?
  3. What do you think made Sapphire sneeze?
  4. Why does Sapphire rescue the animals after they sent her away?
  5. What makes a happy home?

DO the Look Out! It’s a Dragon! activity.

Act out the story with several little stuffed animals and one great big one to be Sapphire!

What storybooks have your children enjoyed acting out?  Any with dragons?

T is for Tail - cursive t - #atozchallenge
S is for Scales - cursive s - #atozchallenge


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