What does every dragon have? Learn about dragons as you practice your cursive!
Welcome to Dragon’s Eye View and the 2018 A to Z Challenge: T is for Tail!

Some dragons lack wings, like the beautiful Cloud Dragon (inspired by Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like) below.Everything is better with dragons (Cloud Dragon) PDFSome dragons lack legs like these amphitere — you can create your own Spring Finish the Picture by clicking HERE!

E is for Eggs -- free printable finish the picture

Some dragons can’t breathe fire, don’t have talons, teeth, or even scales like Bookwyrm and his little friends!

But ALL dragons have tails!

All cursive words end with tails too — some short, like today’s letter t, and some long and looping like upcoming letter y.  It just depends on your distinct cursive handwriting style!  Practice and see what kind of tails you can make when you write in cursive!

Download your free Cursive Wyrm ABC letter t printable page by clicking HERE!
Miss any of the other letters? They all can be found on the Theme Page HERE!

U is for Uncommon - cursive u - #atozchallenge
Look Out! It's a Dragon! - read, discuss, do!


Annette · April 24, 2018 at 8:06 am

Oh, that’s clever. I like how you combined the two. 🙂

Silvia Villalobos · April 24, 2018 at 5:19 pm

Very nice drawing. I’ll click on the link in a second, see what I can create, but for now I’ll marvel at the beautiful colors and nice work.

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