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A to Z Challenge Reflection:
The 2018 A to Z Challenge ended a week ago, and it’s been a week since Dragon’s Eye View had a new post!

It was a busy week here in the dragon cave and without the Challenge to keep me posting…I didn’t. Which made me grumpy. But in reflecting this morning (and in delaying writing this reflection post), I came across an amazing quote by Camesha Gosha: Where you are now, at one point, was a goal.

Where I am now — an A to Z Challenge Survivor with a complete cursive printable, 26 dragon-themed posts, 7 dragon picture book reviews, following lots of awesome folks on Twitter, and the beginnings of a Pinterest board collection — was a mere two months ago, a goal. Just a goal.

Treat Everyone Kindly, including yourself!

I’m so glad I took the Challenge! I loved every day. Having found Vidya Sury’s Challenge tips helped me get started on the right foot and keeping her happiness habits on my fridge kept me smiling all month. As did coffee. And tea. And an occasional Hungarian folk tale from the Multicolored Diary. Plus the McSquare Doodles dog tips kept me from completely neglecting the dogs!

Tea and Cursive and Dragons!

Will I participate next year? It’s a goal!  Having a challenge to meet really keeps me committed and going.

Another goal is to continue what I’ve started with cursive — by creating an entire cursive handwriting series called The Cursive Codex!  Everything is better with dragons — even cursive handwriting.  Click on the cover page below to automatically download your free Cursive Wyrm ABC lowercase printable  — 26+ pages of dragon-writing fun with plenty of doodle space!

Leave a comment so I can read your reflections and goals, because whether you were an A to Z Challenge participant or not — we’re all online together, A to Z!

Printable Mother's Day Dragon Picture
Z is for Zephyr - cursive z - #atozchallenge

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Heather Erickson · May 7, 2018 at 10:09 pm

You did a beautiful job on the challenge. I believe in the value of cursive writing, both as a way to express words on paper and as a way to make your mind work better. There are studies that have shown that different parts of the brain are at work when you use cursive, when you print, and when you type. The cursive part of the brain is the creative part. I make all of my children learn cursive. And of course, this is a whole lot more fun with dragons!
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