Bookwyrm Reviews Dear Dragon, a #ReadDiscussDo book!Bookwyrm has a new book in his hoard!  This one is called Dear Dragon, written by Josh Funk and illustrated by Rodolfo Montalvo.

This brand new shiny, published in 2016 by Viking, is a clever (Bookwyrm adores clever!) back and forth tale of pen pal letters between George Slair (human boy) and Blaise Dragomir (dragon).  They do finally meet, but until they do, how they imagine each other to be is so much fun!  This is definitely a book to be read slowly to study the pictures or read again and again!
Dear Dragon #ReadDiscussDo

And look, Rebecca J. Gomez already turned it into a #ReadDiscussDo book: Dear Dragon

Wondering how to get your kids writing letters?

Have I got a resource for you!  Homegrown Learners has 5 fantastic ways to inspire your little dragons to write letters in the post Fostering the Lost Art of Letter Writing in Children!  She even mentions ideas for finding pen pals like in Dear Dragon!

What about that nagging feeling that you too should be writing letters (instead of just tweeting, texting, and emailing)?

Get inspired by InCoWriMo, that is International Correspondence Month.  Based on the motivational NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) model of writing every day, InCoWriMo challenges you to write a letter AND mail it, every day in February.  I tried.  But even though I wrote more letters than the entire previous year (Christmas cards don’t count), I didn’t get 28 letters out.  It was fun though, and the power of the handwritten letter in this day of digital-skim is strong!

So read the book, discuss who Blaise and Slair are the same & how they are different, and then write a letter!

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