Bookwyrm review The Book Dragon by Kell Andrews #ReadDiscussDoBookwyrm finally found another book worthy of his hoard!  Not only did he find a brand new shiny book, he found friends!

Just published in October by Sterling Children’s Books, The Book Dragon is a delightful tale of a dragon, books, and friendship by author Kell Andrews and illustrator Éva Chatelain.

Being a book-hoarding and book-sharing dragon, Bookwyrm was shocked at the idea of the children of Lesser Scrump not having any books to read!  However, he was intrigued by the idea of writing on leaves.  It turned out to be quite enjoyable — the perfect #ReadDiscussDo activity!

Fun go-along activity for The Book Dragon! #ReadDiscussDoBesides paper, what do your little dragons like to write on?Bookwyrm's Review: The Book Dragon #ReadDiscussDo
Enjoy The Book Dragon and suggest your local library buy a copy — every librarian will appreciate the ending of this story!

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